You may wonder why I’m posting four websites at the same time. Each of these sites are shared by an amazing group of people who have come together in Cape Breton, NS to help end poverty among children and youth. They have awesome outreach programs that get them involved in arts, technology, sports, life-skills and so many more programs. (Not to mention, my son happens to be one of their youth workers and LOVES being there!)

Here’s what I helped them with:


Each of the four websites got an updated and web-responsive redesign, making things easy to navigate and help people find what they’re looking for.


Two sites already had logos and branding while two didn’t. I used branding that was already in use and incorporated their colours throughout the sites and then created a new logo and branding for a personal blog.


You can check out all the sites at

Blogging Site

Fundraising Site

Church Site

Youth Centre Site

New Logo for Blogger

New Graphic for Blogger

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