For this website redesign, I worked to create an easy-to-navigate online shop. I also took all of their helpful instructional PDFs and recreated them with their branding colours that the shop uses. One extra thing I did was to create icons for each of their departments.

I hope you’ll visit BIG AL’S PET SUPERCENTRE in Hamilton, Ontario.

Here’s what I did:


This particular branch of Big Al’s has been around since 1985 and these colours were chosen from their corporate branding. I created icons for each of the departments to make them easy to follow.


With several very helpful instructional guides from this shop about how to care for your pets and ponds, I wanted to give each document a similar look and feel. I organized each of the instructions into easy-to-follow sections and used their colours and branding throughout.


The website incorporated all the design elements of their branding colours and logo. And if you’d like to check out the site, please visit

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