I’m always excited to help someone with a new passion project and see them get their ideas, products and services off the ground.

Dr. Lidia Bartolomucci, BHSc (OT), DC, CAFCI at the Well Life Centre in Oakville, Ontario is doing some groundbreaking scar release therapy and asked me to help with this new website.

Here’s what I did:


First I started with figuring out the colours for branding. These colours are strong but not overpowering and have energy.


Then the look of the branches and leaves appealed to me as I was thinking about what they do to help people. They look slightly like stitches…but incorporating new life and healing that can come from something painful like surgery or a cut.


The website incorporated all the design elements of the featured colours and logo. And if you’d like to check out the site or if you have a scar you need treated, please visit them at scarsmatter.com.

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