Royal Collection Trust
Dorothy Wilding (1893-1976)

What can I say about this wonderful lady that hasn’t already been said? She was a woman with honour, dignity, elegance and a sweet sense of humour! She was also where my middle name came from.

My parents both have deep roots in Northern Ireland. My mom came to Canada when she was only nineteen years old. Her family is from Belfast and my dad’s family has been traced to Omagh.

My father always held a deep respect for Queen Elizabeth and he and my mom would faithfully watch the Queen’s Christmas speech every year. Four years before I was even born, my father already had my name chosen—Karen Elizabeth. I always loved that I got to share my name with someone special like her.

Today, I think of her family and I mourn with them.

Until we meet again,
may God Hold you
in the palm of his hand.


Image Created by Karen Amaral