In April of 2019, my husband (Joe) and I decided we were going to downsize (one of our babies got married in 2016 and flew the nest and the other is finishing college in 2020). This would be our 14th move in our 28+ years of marriage. Initially when we talked about moving, the plan was to wait for about a year because I wanted to go through the house and do a big purge and we had a lot of busy “stuff” coming up in the months following. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed with all of it so I thought, “Great . . . I have a whole year! The pressure is off!

Then one day (actually, a few days later), Joe came to me with his head hanging low and said, “Honey, I’ve been on a website that I shouldn’t have.” I started laughing and said, “You were on, weren’t you!?!?!?” “Yes!” We both started laughing. I knew he couldn’t help it. If he wasn’t doing what he’s doing now, he’d be a real estate agent for sure!

He was leaving that weekend for a few days and asked me if I’d go take a look at the open house. Well, I fell in love with it right away. I had the agent come look at our place to see what it was worth and essentially to list it. Joe flew home on the Monday night, we saw the house again Tuesday and put an offer in that night.

There were only two major things I wanted to change right away—the carpet and the front walkway. The carpet went in the day after we got the keys and the driveway and walkway were just finished last week. Back in the spring I searched through some of my favourite local Facebook groups and a name that kept popping up repeatedly was Lawton’s Landscaping. I kept seeing amazing reviews and everyone said they were great and fast. And they were! They were done in two and a half days. They kept everything neat and tidy and even cleaned up the street when they were done. I’d highly recommend them!

And now for the final results . . .

We wanted a pathway going to the side door entrance. Plus we needed to widen the driveway slightly so we can park two cars at a time on it.

We needed a wider pathway too so that when both cars were parked, we’d still have enough room to walk up to the house.

The original concrete slabs were cracked and lifting in certain places, making some of them tripping hazards. They even refinished the foundation so that it looked smooth and new again.

The last step in the process was to paint the front door and add a new door handle to match it, plus a couple of decorative items to make the porch more cozy.

We’re so pleased with the final result! Thanks Lawton’s!

And now I’m curious . . . when you have moved to a new home, what was the first big project you tackled (or would like to tackle)?