Last night we visited friends for dinner and often she gets us to play games together—something my husband usually really dislikes. (Personally, I think he secretly enjoys them because he gets right into them once they get going.) She’s great at getting everyone talking and often these games help us get to know one another better.

Last night, being close to the end of the year, she had handwritten out a sheet of Mottos for 2019 and had each of us choose the one we thought would suit us for the year and then tell everyone why we chose it. Interestingly, with six people around the table, we each chose a different one! With her permission, I’ve created them on a PDF which you are free to download and use if you wish.

On a personal note: Thank you, S.C.! You are the best! And your dinners??? …they are my favourite meals of the year! Not even kidding!

Which Motto Will You Choose?

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