Get to know me a little bit better . . .

Years of Experience

Karen Amaral

I have been passionate about design since I was a little girl. Since 1991, I have learned digital design on-the-job working with PageMaker and then moved on to Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. Since 2002, I learned to design websites first through HTML coding, then Dreamweaver and now through WordPress and WooCommerce. I was the Director of Communication for a charitable organization for over 17 years.

Over my many years of experience, I have designed larger items like websites and magazines all the way down to the smaller things like return labels—putting equal passion and thoughtfulness into each creation. I love anything to do with digital, print and home design and I’m especially passionate about helping small businesses get their business off the ground with a web presence and print material to help them grow.

Websites Designed


I am the wife of the most amazing man (Joe), the mother of two of the sweetest kids (Katelyn & Daniel) and I really enjoy all things creative like sewing, decorating, photography, graphic- and web-design. I love a good before-and-after!

In 1988, I met and then married (in 1990) the most amazing, fun-loving man I know. He keeps me laughing all the time…we call it his super-power. He is my #1 fan and supporter. He’s my very best friend and he’s the one I trust the most – with my life, with my secrets, with everything. He is the one I want to grow old with.

I have an awesome, sweet, kind, caring, helpful, considerate, loving (and the list goes on) daughter. She is always putting others before her. She has the cutest laugh that makes us laugh. She can imitate the funniest things she hears on TV or in a movie. She married the love of her life in August of 2016 and she is a registered nurse.

I have an amazing, creative, caring, loving, just-like-his-dad-joker, sweet (and the list goes on) son. He keeps us in stitches with his joking and his antics. He has the neatest observations on everyday things and the quickest wit. He has a diploma in creative photography and went on to complete his Bachelor of Religious Education and has been focused on mentoring and giving leadership to youth in Milton, ON.

Other than Joe, I consider my mom to be my best friend…she’s the one I feel free to tell anything to. She’s shy which is probably where I get it from. She has the best wisdom on everyday life. She’s practical and even keel. She loves her family very much and is always there for them.


I like to keep my home and especially my desk as tidy and as organized as possible so I don’t waste time having to look for things—I know exactly where they are. My clothes are lined up by colour and type. I also like doing this for other people too. I especially enjoy unpacking people when they move and helping them get organized in a day. This has also helped me when I’m designing something to compartmentalize items to know where they should go on a website or a brochure.

In social situations, although I might have an opinion, I tend to keep it to myself and let others speak. There are times where I am glad I’m like that because I’m sure it’s kept me out of trouble and then times where I’m not. There are times where I wish I would speak up more for myself. I can usually spot it in others too, so I’ll ask them for their opinion or view when I feel they wouldn’t otherwise share it. I’m an introvert at heart and recharge by being quiet…just ask my family after I’ve thrown a big party and end up needing a day or two to recover!

I’m huge on colour. I can remember a high school art teacher saying to me, “I can tell colour is very important to you.” I love to see the perfect blend of colours with all their tints, tones and shades. I have friends who often call me to help pick the perfect tint or shade of colour for their decor. I love seeing (and creating) a great before-and-after with the use of colour. Currently, I’m loving all things bright, light and clean looking. My decor choices tend to change every so often—and by that I mean they probably change more often than they should.

To me, the most important elements of my life are my family. They mean the world to me and I couldn’t imagine doing life without them!