During the season of Christmas 2016, our family was in the middle of a big move. Our moving date was January 3rd and I had debated back and forth about whether or not I should decorate. I decided not to pull out a single decoration as I knew it would probably stress me out to have to pack everything away so close to our moving date. The house looked sad.

So this year, I decided I would make up for it by decorating quite a bit earlier than I normally would…and by decorating two trees (see my other look here). For our entrance and dining room, I decided on a black, white and gold theme and have been having lots of fun pulling it all together. I’ll keep adding to this as I decorate more.

I found plenty of Christmas decor to suit the look I wanted. See below for sources.

Merry Christmas!


And we can’t forget the Reason for the Season!

Black, White & Gold Accessories

Black, White & Gold Christmas Tree

If you want to know where I found some of these pretty items:


  • Mixed Ornaments
  • Large Gold Wire Ornaments


  • Mixed Ornaments
  • Gold Tree beside the hall table
  • Large Gold Ball on bottom shelf of hall table
  • Gold Frame (Print designed by me with the help of a gold deer from Creative Market)


  • Hall Table
  • Glass Canister with Mixed Ornaments


  • Small Gold Wire Ornaments
  • Black & White Ribbon
  • Gold Mesh Ribbon


  • Mixed Ornaments
  • Deer Ornament
  • Ceramic Feather Ornament
  • Falalalala Ornament
  • Chandelier Ornament
  • White Candles


  • Merry Christmas Ornament


  • Gold Mesh Ribbon at the Bottom of the Tree

Not sponsored…just wanted to let you know where to find the items. 🙂