This has been the basic look of my parents’ living room for almost 15 years! A bit blah, right?! A couple of months before Christmas I had mentioned to my mom about maybe decorating it a little…adding curtains and maybe some new cushions. She seemed to think, nah…we’ll need six panels of curtains and I don’t want to get into all that. Then maybe a month before Christmas I brought it up again and asked if she’d like me to do a little decorating for them as their Christmas gift. She gave me free rein…telling me that she loves what I do. She told me afterwards she thought I was going to get them maybe a couple of pillows. Well…were they ever in for a surprise. A surprise makeover, that is!

Much of the time they don’t leave the house together during the week and the only time they’re both out is when they go to church on Sundays. So two days before Christmas, we skipped out on our church service (Sorry, Pastor Dan!) so that we could go and makeover their living room as their surprise Christmas gift. A little “Find Friends” snooping later and we could see they were off to church and we snuck into the house and began to transform it.

Living Room Before

Poking holes along the laser line for the curtains

Joe is screwing in the brackets for the curtain rods

Add in some accessories...

...and some pillows and VOILA!

The room is done!

They were completely shocked. They had absolutely no idea we were going to do it. My mom even cried (and told me after we left, my dad cried too)! P.S. – That’s a watercolour painting my dad did in 2015…and inspiration for the colours in the room. (See the other watercolour he did for our daughter’s wedding invitation.)

. . . and here’s the video of the reveal!